More than 2 billion Muslims live in the world

More than 2 billion Muslims live in the world - this is almost 26% of the total population of the planet. In Russia, according to official statistics, more than 20 million Muslims live, which is about 15% of the total population of the country. According to unofficial data, there are more than 35 million Muslims permanently residing and coming to Russia for various reasons.

The global market for halal products is growing by 35% annually. If in 2009 the turnover of all halal goods, mainly food, amounted to $500 billion, then by the end of 2019, a turnover of $6.5 trillion is projected. For 10 years, the capacity of the world market has grown 13 times! And the share of non-food products has also become much larger.

In Russia, halal products are approaching 30% of all food groups and are growing by 40% annually.

The next stage of development, in the next 3-5 years, will be the expansion of product groups, where food products will very quickly cease to be the only group of halal products. SAFIRA is the first Russian brand on the sanitary and hygienic market that fully complies with Islamic quality requirements and meets international standards of external aesthetics.