Paper handkerchiefs with vetiver oil

Vetiver oil, added to the SAFIRA men's line of handkerchiefs, is the main component of expensive men's perfumes. Vetiver has one of the deepest and most complex aromas with unique persistent notes. The aroma is quite dry, warm and bitter, with skin notes in the base, has pronounced forest and smoky-earthy inclusions.

Vetiver is considered a masculine fragrance. From Hindi, the name of this oil is translated as "oil of calm", which fully reflects the nature of its impact on the psycho-emotional level. Vetiver oil helps to concentrate, and also effectively helps to get out of stress and shock. This oil is very effective for insomnia or excessive sleepiness. It helps with hoarseness, inflammation of the vocal cords and laryngitis, softens cough, relieves tracheitis and bronchitis.

Soon, three-layer paper handkerchiefs with vetiver essential oil will be presented in the SAFIRA brand line in a compact package 4x10 (4 bags of 10 handkerchiefs).