At the heart of the SAFIRA brand philosophy are three commandments of excellence:

  • The individuality and uniqueness of everything that nature creates.
  • Naturalness and naturalness of forms and content.
  • Sincere love for the natural beauty of each person.
Adherents of Islamic culture can have peace of mind when applying and removing makeup, using cosmetics, cleansing their skin and doing wellness with SAFIRA products, because they do not contain animal fats, are not tested on animals and do not contain alcohol.
We want to convey to all people who care about their health, beauty and morality that the quality of life determined by Islamic culture is a high level of cleanliness, environmental friendliness and naturalness.

It is important for us that both Muslims and people of other religions and ethnic groups understand that HALAL is not only that which is suitable for food according to religious beliefs, but also that which comes into contact with our body, which forms our thoughts and affects our life no matter where you live or who you believe in.

SAFIRA is the first trade mark in Russia that has been officially certified according to the HALAL standards by the Council of Muftis of the Russian Federation.

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